This year, why not come to the 10th International petanque (French bowls) competition, Le Paoli, or even join in? Petanque fans should not miss this event in L'Ile-Rousse.

Every year for 10 years, the Sport Pétanque association of L'Île-Rousse has organized this competition with the best players in this discipline.
Initially national in scope, this flagship petanque event has become international with the presence of several world champions.
Each year, nearly 350 teams compete at the 7 sites in Lisula town center.

On the program, 2x2 competitions, the traditional Henri Salvador Challenge and his VIPs, the famous Paoli of course, the 2x2 women's competition and the David Dary challenge, a 3x3 departmental competition.

A competition as prestigious as ever, placed under the fairplay charter of the Corsican pétanque league:
“The main thing is to have fun, to participate. Victory makes us happy, defeat teaches us to be better ”.


Friday 23rd Sept.

1.30 pm: Taittinger Trophy - limited to 128 teams in triples
Formula A+B
Entry fee: 15€.
Prize money 500€ + DFP + Trophies

5.30 pm: Henri Salvador Challenge and Jean-Christophe Turchi souvenir
An array of personalities associated with the champions on the square of honour on the Place Paoli

Saturday 24th Sept.

9.30 am : International Pascal Paoli
limited to 256 teams in triples - by pools
Entry fee 30€.
Prize money 8500€ + FDP + Trophies

3pm: Women's National
Limited to 64 teams in doublettes - by pools
Participation 20€ + prize money
Prize money 2500€ + FDP + Trophies

Sunday 25th Sept.

9am : David Dary Grand Prix
limited to 256 teams in triplettes - formula A+B
Participation 15€ + prize money
Prize money €1000 + FDP + Trophies

10am: Youth competition
Many prizes

2pm: Women's National
16h30 : International Paoli
7pm: Grand Prix David Dary


  • Opening period

    From Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September.