Arts & crafts fair promoting local savoir-faire generally, and olive oil in particular...

For many years now, the Montegrossu rural centre has been helping to make A Fiera di l'Alivu a renowned and quality rural event.

It has also made it possible, with others, to develop the island's olive production and to promote local know-how in all its diversity and flavours.

Montegrossu offers a rich built and natural heritage to see and visit, which can be discovered by following the themed tours organised in the Balagne region, such as the Authentic Senses Road, the Craftsmen's Route and the Wine Road.


Free access.


  • Opening period

    From Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 July at 10 am.
    Every year at the middle of July.

  • Other information

    Calvi-Balagne Tourist Office will be available at the fair to answer any questions you may have about Balagne