U Spaziu Pasquale Paoli invites you to discover the works of Monique Yenco Fusella. His contemporary or free figurative style mixes oil painting and many materials: collage, writings, knife, color shaper.

Through her works, Monique Yenco-Fusella highlights scenes of life with a strong emphasis on poetry and authenticity. Her painting, described as "figurative", is characterized by a resolutely energetic and spontaneous style.

As a passionate self-taught artist, she tries to capture the atmosphere and the light of a moment, the intensity of an emotion, with an asserted predilection for landscapes, "still lifes", flowers or even humanity in all its forms.

For Monique Yenco-Fusella, feeling and imagination take precedence over the line. In love with color, she works in her studio and uses mainly oil as raw material. The spatula, the knife and the natural pigments are as many tools to which she resorts in her pictorial activity.

In the space of three decades, Monique Yenco-Fusella has produced more than 1,000 paintings. She counts, to her credit, not less than 100 individual and collective exhibitions in Corsica, on the continent and abroad, having won numerous distinctions.

From Bastia to Paris, passing through Alsace, Chicago or Munich, her paintings arouse a growing interest among art professionals and her recognition is now international. She is also part of the very closed circles of the Drouot and Akoun quotations.

For this new exhibition, the painter presents her work on boat sails. From recycled sails destined to the waste, she testifies to her attraction to the sea and nature. As a sailing enthusiast, the sea has always been a source of inspiration and sailboats a predominant theme in her pictorial expression. The sails thus stretched are transformed into canvases equipped with a specific stainless steel frame. An original and attractive support in a contemporary figurative style.


  • Opening period

    From 01/08 to 14/08/2022, daily.
    Monday to Saturday
    9:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. / 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
    Depending on the artists' availability, the opening days and hours may be extended.