The National Center for Musical Creation Voce offers you a concert at the intersection of contemporary music, sung poetry and Ukrainian folk, the trio invents its dream territory.

I suddenly realize that there is something I haven't told, or only paid lip service to. It concerns Ukraine, and how I was a witness, propelled in spite of myself in the heart of a revolution.
This story, after 7 years of maturation, is the ferment of a sung repertoire that weaves an intimate vision of the great story, awakens sensations, strives to
building bridges rather than boxes between genres and positions.
The piano, which resounded everywhere in the streets of Kiev at that time, has a special place here under the fingers of Maryna Voznyuk. From the acoustic piano to the sound experimentations of the electronic keyboard, she carries our voices that tell, are twinned and open
poetic spaces in French, Ukrainian and Russian in echo: one was on Maïdan square, but did not understand the words; the other was far away, but her soul with her people. Antoine Banville's electro-organic percussion is a heart that beats and spreads energy to the legs to get in motion, with the sole purpose of the joy of being alive and vibrating together.
From folk sounds for what has been, to sound experiments for what will be.
Outside, there was a fire and a crowd;
Inside, I was growing a little soul who was walking his laughter to offer it to the old women.
Without wanting to tell the chronology of this revolution, I try by the magic of the musical evocation to give effluences of it, to make share of a crazy energy, of a moment of the history where all becomes dense, fragile, intense, possible and impossible.
To give to taste, to hear, to feel.
To find the word, the sound, the impact.
Like the sniper on my roof,
but to bring forth a flower on the chest rather than that pink-red halo.
And when the ice melts,
When the ashes have fertilized the ground,
It's time to plunge our hands into the earth to grow the rest.

With :

Cora Laba
Maryna Voznyuk
Antoine Banville

Port du masque obligatoire


  • Opening period

    Saturday 4 December 2021 at 6 pm.