Battista Acquaviva

The Centre national de création musicale Voce presents Battista Acquaviva alone on stage. The artist is accompanied in turn by a piano and her cetera Anghjula Mamica, an emblematic instrument bewitching between two ecstatic a cappella.

Singer-songwriter, specialist in traditional Corsican music. A Corsican voice identifiable by its extraordinary range of over three octaves, he has been touring the world for over ten years: Austria, Quebec, Reunion, Emirates, Jordan... This was followed by Les Chants de Libertés (Universal), Voice Tour - a tour of Zeniths in France, and Voices at the legendary Théâtre Antique in Orange. Then her song "Passio" was selected for Destination Eurovision France.

Described as a "whistling voice" by ethnomusicologist Bernard Lortat Jacob, her voice astonishes and fascinates. Daughter of the Corsican cultural actor Nando Acquaviva, musician and musicologist, it was from him that she inherited her love of music, which gave her the audacity and culture to explore musical "terre incognitae".

After ten years on the violin, Battista's love of polyphonic and classical music has given her the ability to embrace the eclecticism of her vocal forms. Battista returns with a new album on the borders of spiritual and world music, featuring the Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem and film scores such as Now We are free (Gladiator).

But unlike his albums, his concert repertoire is even more at the heart of traditional and world music. The simplicity of his accompaniment gives way to his voice alone. A specialist in quarter tones specific to Corsican music.

After around fifty concerts following the release of her opus Céleste (2019), for which she wrote most of the lyrics, and around thirty concerts in 2023, Battista is back with a new album Spiriti Corsi (2023), on which she covers the traditional Bulgarian song "Pritouritze Planinata", "Le Psaume de David" and "Adiemus", available on all download and streaming platforms.


Full price: 15 €, Reduced price: 10 € (Students, jobseekers (with proof), children aged 10 and over.).

Free entry for children < 10 years.

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  • Opening period

    Friday 26 April 2024 between 6.30 pm and 7.45 pm.